Pestel and Porter Five Force Analysis of Container Line Shipping Industry in India

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Analysis of “Shipping Industry” in India
Business Group: Container Line

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There are many factors which directly or indirectly affect the present day businesses like government policies, regulations, laws, human rights, competition, technology, international organisations, world trade bodies, child labour, minimum wage, pollution, accidents, risks, violence, security, labour, supplies etc. Therefore it becomes important for every business to determine these various factors and plan their strategies accordingly to survive against all such odds. But practically it is virtually impossible to consider all such individual factors and therefore specific models exists like PESTEL and Porter five
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Under these anti dumping measures government charges an additional duty on such cheap imported products making it equivalent to price offered by domestic market.

Promoting Exports: To overcome shortcomings on account of multiple controls and clearances; absence of world-class infrastructure, unstable fiscal regime and with a view to attract larger foreign investments in India, the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Policy was announced in April 2000. This policy intends to make SEZs an engine for economic growth, employment opportunities, attract foreign direct investment, infrastructure development with attractive incentives like exemption from central and state taxes, 100% income tax exemption for 5 years, duty free imports, exemption from custom and excise duties etc. As a result there are presently 105 SEZ units operational in India with continuous growth rate of more than 50% annually. Even during the period of recession when global markets were struggling Indian SEZs were booming with growth rate of 93% and 50% in fiscal year 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 respectively.

PESTEL – Economic Factors:

Economic factors are as important as political factors which concern not only this industry but every industry in each and every corner of the world. Change in economic conditions at domestic or at international level largely affects the functioning of every industry; following are some of the economic factors which

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