Pertinent Tenets And Influence Of Mosque In Islam

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Pertinent tenets and Influence of Religion Mosque is the house of prayer in Islam. It is also the temple for Muslims. Masjid means place for prostration in English. Mosque is used to represent religious house in Islam. In Islamic history, the mosque was the center of the community. Nowadays, we almost can see Mosque located every corner for daily prayers. Mosque already has a history over 1400 years. Pray in Mosque become a part of life to Muslims. Market of Isfahan, also called Bazaar of Isfahan, which is also a place, Muslim will go daily and selling different goods in it. For example, cloth, pot, carpets and so on. Those are the religion related. People also sells something non-religion related like spices, food, and native. The …show more content…
First, Sahn means courtyard in English. This place is for hold the entire male population of the city. But the prayer hall might not be enough. So it’s adjoined to an open courtyard. It is also important for the ritual cleansing done before prayer. Mihrab means niche in the wall that indicates the direction of Mecca, towards which all Muslim pray. Mecca is the city where Muhammad was born. Mihrab is a relatively shallow niche shown right. The third element is the Minaret, which is the tower. It’s more like a symbol of the Mosque. It might doesn’t have much meaning than other two, but It can tell people directly that here is the mosque. One of the most important part – Qubba, means dome, where does possess significance as a symbolic representation of the vault of heaven. “The interior decoration of a dome often emphasizes this symbolism, using intricate geometric, stellate, or vegetal motifs to create breathtaking patterns meant to awe and inspire. “ (khanacademy ). The last part is mosque patronage, a special design only Islam has. The patronage in mosque was not only a charitable act. But also it’s an opportunity for self-promotion. We can see Iwan style mosque has mainly force on patronage design at the entrance. When Islam came to India and successfully effect indo-Islamic style with the element of

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