Persuasive Speech: The First Day Of Speech

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When I was informed that I had to take speech this year or next, one of my fears was met. It was bad enough to have to take it in middle school, but to take it again, I was nervous. Although, I learned a lot about speaking in this class and it has helped me a lot of begin getting over this fear. One of the things that Speech has taught me is what an effective communicator is. To be an effective communicator is to reach out to the public to get their attention on a specific topic, not only throwing information at them but also appealing to their emotions, making the audience want to listen. Not only that, but a great communicator is unbiased on some occasions but shows credible information from both sides of the topic. The speaker does not just say, “You should do this…” but the speaker gives multiple because statements and supporting ideas to their side. An effective communicator does not shut down the opposing side but shows why it could be seen as wrong. I have been taught how to grab the audience in with the three: pathos, ethos, and logos. I am one step closer to becoming a great and effective communicator just by knowing this.
On the first day of speech, I went into
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Most would say this because it was the last one that we did, but I felt that I used and did everything I could to make my speech strong. I am very emotionally involved considering I love elephants and Ivory Ella. To add, I was able to, myself, learn even more about the poachers killing them and share that with my audience. I, then, was able to reach out to the audience and show some of the products from Ivory Ella and it just so happens that two of the girls in the class mentioned that they were either looking at the website now or going to after school. I was so excited that I was truly able to persuade people to help and experience my joy for the topic. I was and am very happy with how that speech

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