Essay On Losing A Home

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The American dream is something that has been desired by citizens for decades. Owning a home has always been an honorable achievement among family heads, prospering businessmen, and immigrants who move to the United States for a positive change. A home is cherished, children are raised in it, and most importantly it provides security to growing, hard-working families. Sadly, the effects of losing a home can be compared to the devastation experienced through a divorce. No one ever wants to lose their home, and sadly many did between the years of 2006 to 2009, when real estate prices plummeted to an all time low. Consequently, millions of Americans suffered from a recession. Fortunately, Americans have been bouncing back since then. Although …show more content…
My parents are hard-working middle class citizens, who have devoted their lives in raising two responsible women. Fortunately, before my parents lost their home to foreclosure, their nest was empty. They no longer needed to supply a comfortable home for two other people. Even though, the loss of their home was heartbreaking, they reasoned with the loss by considering the burdens of their home. My father became exhausted over the lawn maintenance and my mother’s osteoporosis no longer allowed her to clean such a large home. Thus, they both looked forward to living in a home with lighter responsibilities. The circumstance of my parents is a good example of why renting to own would benefit those recovering from a foreclosure. Currently, they are renting a condominium that my mother absolutely loves. Eventually she would like to purchase a home, but is undecided if she would prefer a house or condo like where she currently resides. If her lease had the option of renting to own, then her decision would be made. My parents are up in age and do not enjoy the physical exertion needed to move a household. If their lease had the rent-to-own option, then they would be more inclined to stay where they are living. Reflecting over the all of the responsibilities included when owning a home can help someone determine if purchasing a home is still right for them,

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