Essay on Persuasive Speech : Good Government

1646 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Good government is something awfully hard to describe because, like Friedman points out, there has to be a balance since unanimity is not feasible. Good government needs to have a balance between both liberal and conservative sides of thinking in order to run and facilitate a prosperous country. Good government would include democracy. People having power is necessary and the people balancing the power of the government is needed to keep the government from being too powerful and corrupt. Having every vote matter would be ideal, but since that is not feasible in a large country or nation representative democracy would be ideal. The way in which people are elected into office and power would need to changed in order to have democracy work to its full capacity. Having large political campaigns at the national level should be publicly funded in order to keep such big money out of politics. Special interest groups rally around and throw money at candidates this would be changed in order that the voting process was not who has the most money but in a real, issues foundation campaign style. Taking things out that just convolute the ideal of democracy such as lobbying is a must. Mandating the open transparency of government will make people more knowledgeable and more willing to participate. While freedom, order and equality are all imperative foundations of government, equality should be the most vital and foremost goal. Everyone should have the same rights and voice as everyone…

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