Persuasive Essay : Vigilant Redemption

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Vigilant Redemption
In a world where crime spreads like a disease, where many men and women are scared to even step foot outside their own home; what is there that can be done? One would think that a logical decision would be to increase law enforcement resources, maybe, or tighten laws to help prevent criminals from committing certain crimes. Yes, those might work for a short while and then when resources run out what’s next? There is however, a path less traveled, that has consequences of its own, but done rightly it has the ability to suffocate criminals with much more long-term results. Historically, very few attempts at vigilantism have been done correctly, but in the slim chance that it is done successfully, the streets of the most dangerous cities will become safe.
Criminals feed off of rebellion of the system; there is a reason that increasing law enforcement and police resources is a faulty plan. When more police are deployed it threatens gangs and bands of criminals causing an increase of gang activity. Police, if they start carrying semi-automatic weapons, criminals will start carrying fully automatic weapons. The same is true; if they start wearing body armor, criminals will start carrying armor piercing rounds. The escalation is what matters, no matter what, the law is only for the people who follow it and so dishonest people will never obey the law. Leaving evidence that there is nothing that can be done about the increasing crime rate, that can be…

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