Stop Shark Finning Essay

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Stop Shark-Finning! Why kill a whole shark for its fins in order to make shark fin soup, a tasteless and expensive soup just to impress your friends? Every year human beings kill over 102 million sharks while less than 10 people are killed by sharks, yet we call them bloody killers (Fairclough 1). This has created a drastic reduction in their numbers, and it is feared that it may lead to their extinction, causing a life imbalance on the planet’s ecosystem. Governments and environmental organizations of the affected nations should be alert and realize the after effects of shark finning. If this ocean life threatening activity is not eradicated, many sharks will become extinct and the ocean ecosystem will be disturbed. In his book “The Sand County of Almanac”, Aldo Leopold proposes us that we have to think like a mountain. Thus we must preserve our nature by allowing organisms that live in the ecosystem to enjoy the abundant peace in their environment. “We all strive for safety, prosperity, comfort, long life, and dullness. The deer strives with …show more content…
Cunningham pushed a 2nd bill in the house in January 2000 to push for amendment of the Magnuson Act to allow a complete ban on finning. The ultimate purpose of the House Resolution 3535 was to totally outlaw shark finning across all the U.S. waters. The bill was passed later in June with a landslide win of 390/391” (Spiegel 409).
Previously, there was no regulation in place across the world to outlaw shark finning. It is only America that recently implemented its own regulations to address this act. A worldwide determination is urgently required to stop the rampant act of shark finning especially due to their position in the food chain amongst sea creatures. In Massachusetts, violation of the finning law leads to a fine of up to $1000 or two months in prison and in addition to that confiscation of one’s fishing license. The law was passed on the basis of the state’s long strive to animal and environmental

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