Why We Should Not Welcome Syrian Refugees

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The United States has resettled millions of refugees from all over the world, but all too often its humanitarian yearning has been obstructed by paranoia and fear. An estimated 3.7 million Syrian children have been born since the conflict began five years ago, their lives all shaped by violence, terror and displacement. With nowhere to go, they reside in refugee camps, praying for the day to come when they can escape the horrifying warzone. Sadly, however, due to the recent terrorist attacks led by ISIS, American citizens have developed an unfortunate political stance against refugees. This wrongful outlook that America should not welcome Syrian refugees is one that needs to be dismissed by politicians in the United States.
Syrians are escaping their country’s violent civil war and collapsed government in promise of a better future. There is no guarantee that they will find a stable life, however, many would rather risk their lives seeking freedom than stay in their own homes.
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Shunning refugees is not only an insult to U.S. values, it is an indirect acceptance of ISIS’ warped viewpoints. ISIS has denounced refugees fleeing to the West, warning them that they would not be welcome in the U.S. and Europe. Therefore, by accepting refugees, America can defeat ISIS’ propaganda. Additionally, it has been revealed to be unlikely that a Syrian refugee will prove to be a terrorist. Refugees are subject to the strictest security checks of any group seeking entry to the United States. The entry process takes between 18-24 months, and only 2% of the refugees admitted in America fit the typical profile for terrorists (men, ages 18 to 30). According to the State Department, the majority of refugees admitted are children, women, the sick, and the elderly (Gambino). It is clear that paranoia and xenophobia should not be factors that stop Americans from welcoming those in need of a secure

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