Persuasive Essay On Road Driving

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Being of age to drive and not being able to is inconvenient …Trust me, I know from first hand experience. Whether you don’t have a car because you don’t have the money for one, your parents don’t want you to have one just yet, or you did have a car before and got in an accident. No matter the situation survival is definitely possible, and the next few examples are just a few options that I have to suggest for anyone in these circumstances.
First off we need to have some kind of transportation in this huge world due to our need to make a living as in getting to work, to a family members house, and basically anywhere you want to go. On the plus side we do in fact have lots of options on how to get places rather quick. In big cities such as Houston,
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It offers convenient routes and schedules so that those without cars can still arrive at their destinations on time. The routes will either be categorized as, “crosstown" routes that travel from one part of the city to another without entering downtown, or a local route which only travels on the inner streets of the said town or city. Tickets are also relatively cheap and affordable and can be purchased online or on the actual …show more content…
A carpool generally consists of people that know each other and are going to the same area more specifically almost always a place of their employment. One might pay the driver money to pay for gas in order to support half the cost of the commute. It helps the driver save money and will also get the passenger to where they need to be. If one does not have a car, he/she should consider asking co-workers or family about considering a carpool. It could be beneficial for both parties. After all, it would keep less cars off the busy roads and lower the chances of getting into a tragic

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