Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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It is a new year and many things are changing, such as America’s view on the honorable bud, marijuana. Marijuana should be legal for many reasons. The legalization of marijuana would allow citizens across the nation in need of medical marijuana the access they did not previously have due to it being illegal in most states, it would give responsible adults a safer recreational hobby, it would bring in revenue to the state and the nation, and it would bring an end to the war on marijuana in the US. The US should remove the federal prohibition on medicinal and recreational marijuana.
Marijuana has been proven to offer medicinal benefits to people suffering from certain medical conditions, and many healthcare professionals consider marijuana
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This means the money paid in taxes are funding the police to capture and punish pot smokers. This is saddening; those same dollars going to the war on marijuana could be going to building schools, feeding the poor and much more. There are a vast number of people serving time in jail for charges of marijuana cultivation, possession of marijuana and the list goes on. There are polices officers pursuing pot heads when they could be using their resources and pursuing rapists and murders, think about it. Each year, hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent enforcing marijuana laws, even though an increasing number of people oppose those laws (“Legalization of Marijuana”). Think back to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s. The prohibition of alcohol lead to the rise of organized crime: it completely back fired and many would say it caused more problems than it solved. Prohibition was repealed and lasted just13 years. Think back to now. People are going to do what they want to do simply because they want to. This federal prohibition of marijuana caused more problems than it solved. Marijuana just might solve some major issues, which has been seen in cases across the …show more content…
It is incredibly surprising that marijuana is not yet legal on a federal extent, however it could be and very

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