Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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Campaigns try to lure in supporters using important topics such as money, jobs and laws, but people forget about other issues that can also affect themselves and their families. There are many campaigns that want to change society and to help the community around them. A controversial topic that has the ability to change the United States is the legalization of drugs. Even now, drugs play big part in the economy and the lives of the targeted audiences. My campaign will attempt to change the views of those who do not think legalizing marijuana can help the economy. It is important to discuss this topic because the states who have passed marijuana laws have helped their states and neighboring states around them. When people think of marijuana …show more content…
High school and college students are probably the most important crowd to attract. The use of marijuana is shown to be active through these audiences. People want to experiment in college and coming out of high school. There is so much more out in the world than just homeroom and general education. Although it can be seen that I support the legalization, I also think that making a campaign to help spread awareness is important. Students use drugs to feel free and to “get high”, but if they knew it is helpful to people who are ill, they would see the bigger picture. It is important to alert the younger generation because they are the future and I believe targeting them first can influence more change. When you try and persuade the older generation, you do not seem to have a full effect because they are already set in their ways. Although the older generation sees it more on the negative end, they do have ideas about the topic and it is important to hear every view possible on the topic. The best way to persuade older, more stubborn generations is to provide proven facts. Taking the public as a whole, it is important for the campaign to meet the needs of some groups more so than …show more content…
Luckily for my campaign, I found someone who has a view that relates to the target audiences. While searching for a reliable figure we can incorporate, I remembered what the book said about persuading your audience with your communicator. “The communicator needs to appear likable or authoritative or trustworthy or possessed of any other attribute that would facilitate persuasion” (Pratkanis & Aronson, p. 51).
Instantly, I thought of Morgan Freeman. After being a near-fatal car crash, the medical note given was for medical marijuana for treatment of his chronic pain. Morgan Freeman has had a pro-marijuana stance in the issue. Therefore, Morgan Freeman will be the guest speaker at our events. I think someone with personal experience is a good tactic to capture the attention and draw emotion from the audience. There are many people who look at Morgan Freeman as a respectable public figure. Among other things, part of his credibility is based on his Oscar winning title from the movie, Million Dollar Baby. He is also an experienced speaker and advocator for the legalization of weed for those who need it for medical purposes. Freeman’s voice is also a recognizable from his experience as a narrator in movies that can potentially help this campaign. Morgan 's voice is a one of a kind sound that will cause people to pay attention to the campaign. He delivers

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