Persuasive Essay On How To Prevent Cyberstalking

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How can we stop and prevent Cyberstalking from happing to victims? Ever image when you use the web for the social media, searching the web, e-mailing your friends or family members, or using any other electronic communication that someone also watching you what you’re doing without even you knowing. Since technology is growing each and every day, it could bring social life into you with a touch of a fingertip. But it also at the same time it can bring you the nightmare that you will never forget with cyber stalking. In the essay, I will explain what Cyberstalking is and how stalkers stalk their victims and how to stop and prevent Cyberstalking from happing to you or your loved ones that you know. So let’s begin with what is the definition of Cyberstalking? Well, a Cyberstalking are often described as an interchangeably to refer to …show more content…
But not all stalker are the same, they might stalk their victims for various reason for like sexual harassment or could be the obsession for love. According to the researcher, they have found out that 38 of 40 stalkers are in their sample met criteria for at least one disorder, 17 of the stalker had a psychotic disorder, 4 of the stalkers had a mood disorder, and 14 of the stalkers had their own person disorder. (Kivisto, Aaron J) Another main reason for a stalker to stalk their victims is that many stalker has a serious problem with obsessional stalking this mostly happens after a real relationship is ended or going to start a relationship since the stalker already know much of his or her information from the victims. Another reason for stalkers is that for revenge or hate and most of the time a simple argument that can go out of control and create the most serious problem and, in this case, the stalker can stalk their victims just for revenge or even hate. (Kivisto, Aaron

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