Persuasive Essay On Driverless Cars

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Can you imagine a car that doesn’t require a driver? The concept of a driverless car may seem simply preposterous to the simple minded folks of the 21st century. However, the concept of a driverless car is becoming a reality and many forms of this technology can be seen on the roads today. Driverless cars are being researched and designed which are based on the ideology that this car will be help the individual users and the economy of a country. Although many are enthusiastic about these cars, there are those who are quick to point out its flaws, such as reduction in jobs it will cause. Despite the controversy surrounding these cars, the movement for self-driving vehicles should be pushed for because of the invaluable benefits such as saving money and time.
Once believed to be a fairytale and just a concept, the autonomous vehicle is becoming a reality these days. Self-Driving cars are taking the world by
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The answer is yes. Although many would debate about this, that there are issues involved in this concept. There are those who are for the legalization of self-driving cars on the roads. And others are heavily opposed to this new movement. It is said that “a total of $642 million dollars a year in welfare that driving cars can generate” (Ozimek, 2016). Besides the money, these cars have, “a lot of benefits like senior citizens who can’t drive” (Ozimek). The supporters argue that this new technology for these cars can have numerous benefits. Those who are skeptical about this issue makes up the other side. The “fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S” (Xinhua, 2016) is the most concerning issue the opposition believes in. They fear that the same incident could happen again and are reluctant to trust technology. The opposition remains reluctant to believe that driverless cars should be on the road because technology is not always a reliable choice, especially when human lives are at

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