Persuasive Essay On Dog Breeders

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Everyone loves their canine friend! Dogs provide the perfect companion to man, which is why they are known as man's best friend. Social media has broadcasted the options of adopting your furry pal, buying from a registered breeder, or getting a dog from your local animal breeder. The guy on the street who is selling puppies is probably a backyard breeder. A backyard breeder is someone who breeds dogs without the proper certification. Although the man doesn't have the correct paperwork for his litter of pups, you're desperate to have that specific breed so you consider purchasing from the backyard breeder. Backyard breeding provides the buyer with desirable characteristics however it causes underlying health problems.
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Dog breeds have dramatically changed. Canines were used for many purposes! Nomadic tribes used canines for hunting, but when the agriculture era occurred dogs became more of a companion( Morell). People started to live in one area and progress forward in technology. Since technology evolved, the canine species has became more of a companion or trophy of social status. With the help of social media, dogs breeds have been either looked down upon or raised to a status due to the dogs features. This is especially true with the bulldog breed. Bulldogs are known for having a short body with wrinkle like face features. This tiny breed was once used for hunting ,but is now prized for its physical features. Another example of the social media impact on a canine breed is the pitbull. Social media has created a stereotype for the pitbull breed stating that the dog is known for dangerous attacks and having strong muscular body build. The strong build.has made the breed more desirable for dog fighters. Unlike the bulldog breed being praised for their features, the pitbull is being brought down for theirs. When a buyer is interested in a breed, they tend to do research. Research should be conducted on the breed's health not just characteristic or

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