Pro Cloning Debate

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For quite a few years now, Humans have had the thought of cloning each other. This theory is mostly brought up when people talk about immortality, or military strength. One would think that as we are getting more advanced machinery, and technology, we would obviously want to evolve as a species. However, there are other ways to improve and evolve the human race that does not involve humans. Cloning human limbs and organs should be legal in the United Sates only for medical reasons, because it could help save lives but cloning an entire human should always be illegal in the U.S. Cloning an entire human is a thought that has been going around for years. It is not a far off thought though. In our day and age already it is possible for parents to walk into a hospital and have specific modifications done before their baby is born. Some parents want to make sure the baby’s eye color will be blue, or make sure it has the perfect mixture or blond and brown in the hair. Humans have already started to play God a …show more content…
In the case of a missing limb, the scientists would take stem cells from the patient and us it for the base of the new limb. If Humans mastered cloning then they could use that technology and the patient’s stem cells to construct a new arm, leg, ear, or whatever was missing without worrying too much about the patient’s body rejecting the foreign limb. In the case of organs the process would be more or less the same, if someone was dying of liver cancer, it would be possible to take out his ruined liver and replace it with a new liver that is brand new with no problems. Doctors are always trying their hardest to make sure every patient gets the care they need. If people were able to make clones of organs and make sure they would work without problems, the number of lives that could be saved would be in the

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