Mcdonald's And Childhood Obesity

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McDonald’s is the Culprit and Childhood Obesity is the Victim
“Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I’m lovin’ it”. This popular slogan is known worldwide and brings consumers of all shapes and sizes through the golden arches of McDonald’s. The highest targeted age group that we should be worried about the most is the kids of today’s generation. What are we really feeding them when we are purchasing the hamburger or even the chicken nugget Happy Meal? The magic words right there are ‘Happy Meal’. What kids really want are the action figures, barbie dolls, cool toys, and all that fun stuff disguising the unhealthy food. Some parents may not realize it, but these products of the fast-food restaurant are a leading cause of childhood obesity and other numerous long-term
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Thompson denies any claims made by consumers and health critics that McDonald’s food leads to childhood obesity. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Thompson says “I am a parent of two children. I know what my kids eat. I would bring my kids to McDonald’s then and I would bring them now because the food is high-quality, safe, and they have choices” (Lutz). Well, if the big CEO is claiming all this stuff, it has to be true right? Let’s just hope the whole media believes what he says and doesn’t dig into any research on how safe and high-quality these burgers and fries …show more content…
When one thinks of a hamburger, they imagine the fresh juicy beef, melted cheese, crisp lettuce and tomatoes, and to top it off ketchup and mustard, all inside a fluffy sourdough bun. At McDonald’s you can guarantee every ingredient is processed in some way. Thankfully, they quit adding “pink slime” as an ingredient in the beef; now the 100 percent pure beef comes from concentrated agricultural feeding cows, which basically means these cows are sick and can make whoever ingests this meat sick too (Konie). The new health kick the fast-food company recently just started is just an illusion because just like the unhealthy foods, they all contain trans-fats, high levels of sugar, artificial sweeteners, petro-chemicals, and high-fructose corn syrup (“McDonalld’s Fast Food”). So, do not let the salads and kid’s meals fool you because everything has some sort of synthetic chemical added to it. As stated earlier, one is consuming dimethylpolysiloxane when they eat a McChicken nugget, which is also an ingredient contained in silly putty. People who are eating this fake food are really just paying to harm their health, their children’s health, and paying medical insurance companies more because of the illnesses that get triggered by the synthetic ingredients. Still lovin’

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