Personal Narrative: Unfair Treatment Of Women

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Ever since I was a young boy I never did think about abuse towars women, and how they should and shouldn’t be treated. I always thought that if a women hit a man that the man should have every right to do something about it, and not just leave it be. All that changed one night when I experienced something similar but with someone I dint have any relation with. This whole situation has always made me think and even sometimes I just put myself in the women’s and just think that I would like to be treated with dignity and respect. It was about 2 years ago, and at that moment I was just 16 years old, and my brother was about …show more content…
We just started to mind our own business and started to talk about the party, all he kept asking me was if I had fun and all these random question. I just kept replying with yes. He finally finished put gas after talking for 3 minutes, and we just heard a car door open . Surprisingly we saw the female that had yelled 5 minutes earlier, but she didn’t look too happy. She had a face of fear and she just wanted to get away from the person she was with. It looked like she had a bruise on her forehead. As the female was about to get out of the car the man she was with grabbed her arm and pulled her back in. He yelled to her “Get back in this F***** car”. As my brother heard that he yelled “Leave her alone” but the other man didn’t …show more content…
All I can think about is fear and not knowing what to do. I had my brother lecturing me about this whole incident I had with my sister 10 minutes ago. Then again we heard the female voice yell “Stop you’re hurting me” once I heard that I felt anger and my both was just shaking, and I had tears coming out of my eyes. I just couldn’t stand there and hear this poor female that I don’t even know suffer, or worse get hurt. I was about to exit out of the car when my brother closed the door half way. He yelled at me to stay in the car. My brother as he was running towards the car where the female was in he was telling me “get the license plates, get the license plates” but as I was about to do that all I heard was a loud screech from the other car. I yelled to my brother “Bro are you okay” he told me “yes”. The guy ended up leaving the gas station with the girl, and to make it worse I didn’t even get the license number of his

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