Persuasive Essay On Borderless Immigration

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As more and more crisis hits foreign nations, an abundance of immigrants have set their eyes upon our prosperous nation, the United States of America. However, as these large numbers migrate from our neighboring and faraway lands, the people of our nation have begun to have hostility towards the less fortunate and to argue for the closing and restricting of our borders to lessen the immigration flow. Countering these cries for injustice, the opening of the United States’ borders even more is justified in order to offer the chance of progression to a wider variety and amount of people, giving the option of having a more prosperous and decent living. The justification for the opening of the border lies in the facts that these immigrants and refugees …show more content…
The two bordering nations of North and South Korea are in complete contrast to each other, on an economic viewpoint, and one is much more prosperous than the other. Robert Guest is able to highlight the situation in his book, Borderless Economics, as he continues to show how the isolation of North Korea has led to suffering and brainwashing of the entire nation. However, immigrants do not come because of the isolation of their own nation but because of the material prosperity of the United States. Guest demonstrates how “America’s greatest strength is that people want to live there.” (Borderless Economics Guest pg. 157) The United States standard of living is simply incomparable to that of other nations because even those who are poor and are “trailer park white trash” have more material possessions than professionals in African countries. Because of this difference, the United States should allow immigrants to come and have more than they would in another nation. Among this reason lie numerous others, such as the fact that refugees and those in need of help should be aided by the U.S. and more prosperous nations, also immigrants help push the nation into a higher education, and finally because these people migrating from their nations have positive influences on our economy. There are always extremities when making a plan or practicing a particular strategy and the same goes for the United States and immigration. There is one side of complete isolation which is North Korea, but there really is no other side of overly being open because nations who offer immigration have positive effects that outweigh the negative ones.

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