Persuasive Essay On Battered Women

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In history women have fought for equal rights and liberation of public policies that created barriers for women to progress. In my generation I have witness many crimes against women and women committing crimes themselves. Society has created this invisible web that women are not allowed to go beyond the traditional norms of a patriarchal society. Over the years women have broken the chains of traditional norms and new legislative laws have been passed, paving the way for women. When the women’s suffrage ended women became more involved in the criminal justice system and as for myself I became a lawyer, but I had also experience the criminal justice system as a victim of domestic violence. Despite all that women have overcome, domestic violence …show more content…
I try to look for a rainbow through any storm and at times this job can tear a person up on this inside, but the most rewarding part is fighting for justice. Since I was once a victim myself I find a sense of accomplishment for helping those who endured the same abuse as well. According to Battered Women Charged with Homicide: Advancing the Interests of Indigenous Women by J. Stubbs and J. Tolmie knowledge of battered women has been strained because self-defense is judged whether the accused woman’s reaction to her conditions were reasonable, those conditions have to convenience the court. This contributes to the professional relationship needed to perform the job sufficiently because without prior knowledge and skills on battered women, it can be difficult to understand their circumstances as a web of abuse, entrapment, and silence forms. In the article Breaking the Web of Abuse, and Silence Voices of Battered Women in Japan by M. Yoshihara discuss male partner use of violence to control their spouse in different ways rather than physical and sexual violence, despite cultural influences all battered women at a point are degrade on their individual roles as women. They at times are displaced in society through various forms of emotional and verbal abuse for example being told you’re a horrible mother. She describes partners violence begins tightening a web in which women see a slim chance to escape and can interfere with women participation in society for example employment or isolation from others are derived from consent degrading which intimidates women’s self being. The abuser attempts to deny woman’s suffering as justifiable because he blames her for causing the violence. In my defendant case she experience the same denial which at first she couldn’t make sense of what cause the abuse by creating confusion that forms the invisible web. Which at times are reinforced by attitudes from family,

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