Persuasive Essay On A Healthy Diet

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Subject of interview is a female Mexican decent born in the United States of American, she is a 17 old who attends College. Her parents are both from Mexico, even though she been risen and has lived all her live in Southern California.
It has up to know that she has been interested in learning more about being well physically, emotionally, mentally exercising, as for her exercising is a more default task for her manager. Furthermore, she knows that in order to have a good balance healthy lives she needs eat a variety of healthy foods and physical activity is a key element for a good health. For her to have bad eating habits and at the same time little or no physical activity would lead to overweigh and this will constitute health problems
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She replies by saying for her to eat healthy means to provide all the essential nutrients and energy that each person needs to have to stay healthy. What do you mean essential nutrients? Well, essential nutrients are for me, she says are proteins starting with fish, chicken and red meat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and of course, drink lots of water daily.
Do you think that is important to have a healthy diet? Yes, it is important to maintain a healthy diet, she says. She continues by adding that in order to keep a healthy diet she had read that a good diet prevents chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and some cancers. As a result, keeping a healthy diet can improve the quality of life at all ages and never is too late to start.
On her daily lives she and when is permitted, as she is a student now, and sometimes this will prevent her to stay on schedule with her diet program. However, she tries to eat varieties of types of food during the day, at the same time increase the consumption of fruits and vegetable as much as she can. The use of vegetable oils for cooking is best to use and limit the animal fat. She prefers to eat meat like fish, turkey or chicken and of course once and while eat a hamburger. The reduction of salt intake with help your diet or you can use substitute instead of the real salt and at the same matter reduce sugar consumption as
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According to this food pyramid it contains all the nutritional intake that people should consumed with proportionate amounts of food for eat level. Overall, it is recommend from this food pyramid to eat more from the lower and fewer foods that appear at the higher levels.
At the first level of this pyramid, she remembers that it had cereals, bread, and potatoes. This will provide a person with the daily best calories for a healthy daily lives for the individual. The quantity of these portion of food it is determined by age, sex and how the person is physical active.
The second level of this pyramid it is divided into two sections are vegetables and fruits with this group of foods will bring lots of vitamins, antioxidant and fiber, two plates of raw or cooked vegetables and three fruits daily will help maintain health and

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