Mary's Assimilation Process Summary: Family Migration To The United States

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Mary’s Assimilation Process
My interviewee is a 1.5 generation female immigrant, she was born in another country, in Mexico, but migrated to the United States before she was 13 years old. (Feliciano, lec,1/4/16) She is currently 37 years old and wishes to be referred as Mary for this project and identifies as Mexican. In this paper I will discus how her family migrated to the United States, how her culture influenced her life and how she managed to assimilate through an interview and other course material like the lectures and readings or films. Mary’s father had already spent time in the United States, prior to bringing his family with him. They were a transnational family: Economic migrants because at least one of the parents migrated for
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Mary claims that, “since he was hardly there it was hard to keep a good relationship with him, it felt awkward when we had a formal conversation.” In the article The Burden of Deportation on Children in Mexican Immigrant Families by Joanna Dreby, talks about transnational families where one of the parents go to other countries for labor and leave behind the rest of their family. It mentions how the distance cause emotional trauma on children and can affect paternal/maternal bonds. (2012) Mary only had one other sister, the rest of her siblings were boys. Mary and her sister’s chores were to help their mother do all the house duties after school and on the weekends. While her older brothers went out and did “everything else” (Mary). For example, they worked the fields, planted new crops, fed the animals and much more, they did everything that the man of the house was suppose to do. Things that they weren’t allowed to do because they were females, according to their culture and the gender roles that it established. Mary feels like her brothers had a better relationship with their dad because they actually witnessed the warmth from a father even though “it was more of a tough love …show more content…
She was able to learn the material so fast and well because she had learned the English language. That education helped her tremendously when it came to reading, writing and learning new material. After a few months of school, she obtained a job for a company that was paying well above the minimum wage. Furthermore, thanks to her ability to speak and write English fluently she was able to make more connections with other co-workers, those who spoke English and also those who spoke Spanish. When she is asked how it feels to know how to two languages she says “Its great, I love it. I get to know different types of people every day and I can communicate with them, its fun. It makes everything easier, and I don’t as nervous as I did when I first came to America” (Mary). This demonstrates how bilingualism is used as a resource to communicate not only with your family but other people like her co-workers or community

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