Persuasive Essay For Legalizing Marijuana

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The legalization of marijuana for recreational use has been a very controversial and multifaceted topic of debate for years, but now with the upcoming election, it is in the spotlight more than ever. Marijuana has been an extremely misunderstood drug. It has been given a bad reputation by people making misinformed and false statements about it that make it appear to be a major problem in today’s public. Some of these problems that marijuana is being falsely accused of is it leads to addiction, is a gateway drug, leads to higher crime rates, and causes medical emergencies/ death. Currently, “U.S. federal law still prohibits the production, distribution, sale, and even possession of marijuana”, but “Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole’s memo …show more content…
Marijuana does not have a high potential for abuse, and there are very legitimate medical applications. In some cases, medical marijuana is the only thing that works on patients. “Take the case of Charlotte Figi, who I met in Colorado. She started having seizures soon after birth. By age 3, she was having 300 a week, despite being on seven different medications. Medical marijuana has calmed her brain, limiting her seizures to 2 or 3 per month”. Although medical marijuana is legal in some states, it is illegal in others which forces patients like Charlotte Figi to live in extreme discomfort and pain. “As early as 2700 B.C., ancient doctors used cannabis as a treatment for gout, digestive disorders, rheumatism, insomnia, and even poor memory. And in recent years, tons of researches have been conducted showing that marijuana is a miracle drug with the ability to cure serious ailments, including cancer, AIDS, and neuropathic pain”. Along with the medical benefits marijuana has on people, its use also causes far less harm than other substances that are legal. Alcohol was once prohibited in the US, but unlike alcohol, “the Times notes, cannabis is not particularly harmful:’ Casual use by adults poses little or no risk for healthy people. Its effects are mostly euphoric and mild, whereas alcohol turns some drinkers into barroom brawlers, domestic abusers or maniacs behind the wheel’”. Alcohol can impair motor skills, hand eye coordination, and decision making, and tobacco can cause cancer, bronchitis, heart disease, and impact your mood. Consequently, excessive drinking and tobacco use, both of which are legal, are the two most leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States. “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette

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