Persuasive Essay Brave New World

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Malak Shatnawi Shatnawi 1
Mrs. Peters
Advanced English 10- Period 5
26 October 2015
Brave New World Is your life a lie? Have you been fooled into thinking our lives are perfect? This book is called Brave New World written by the wide mind of Aldous Huxley. Huxley was born 1894 and passed during 1963, he lived in Surrey, England. He lived in a time where the words that make up the dozens of pages forming his book were absolutely preposterous to even imagine, but that has changed. Tenth graders should be able to read Brave New World because of its deeper meaning. This book relates to our new generation and teaches us countless themes
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Our world relates to both the Savage Reservation and New World. We use breastfeeding, we have relationships with loyalty and compassion, and we grow up by the influence of our leaders such as our parents, teachers, or doctors. But since the societies were so different from each other, normal things to some were extremely strange to others and strange things to some were normal to others. There was scene in this book where John and Helmholtz were talking and the subject of mothers and fathers was brought up, Helmholtz laughed at the idea of this, but John struggled to figure out what part was so humorous (Huxley 185). When John first came into the Brave New World, he saw his father for the first time, excitement covered every inch of his body as he ran towards his dad shouting “Father! Father!”, but …show more content…
The different surroundings cause different views on life and people. The New World purposely influences their citizens using conditioning, where the Savage Reservation uses guilt. In the New World, people were raised to believing you 're a grown up from when you are born, “Six year old men and women were too stupid to do even epsilon work (Huxley 15). They are referring to six year olds are men and women where we would refer to them as girls and boys, children, or kids. They are referring to these children as men and women most likely because they don 't have lives to plan, everything on their path is set and ready for them, all they have to do is take their first steps and they 'll be on their way. But trying to force people into believing in your ways and opinion doesn’t usually end well. The citizens of the New World continuously tried to involve John into their ways which led to his early death (Huxley 259). Life is about trying to figure out what you want to do in your life and accomplishing your goals, not about forcing yourself to be like everyone else because that won 't lead to anything old or

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