Brave New World Book Report

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Malak Shatnawi Shatnawi 1
Mrs. Peters
Advanced English 10- Period 5
26 October 2015
Brave New World Is your life a lie? Have you been fooled into thinking our lives are perfect? This book is called Brave New World written by the wide mind of Aldous Huxley. Huxley was born 1894 and passed during 1963, he lived in Surrey, England. He lived in a time where the words that make up the dozens of pages forming his book were absolutely preposterous to even imagine, but that has changed. Tenth graders should be able to read Brave New World because of its deeper meaning. This book relates to our new generation and teaches us countless themes
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A goal that you know when you accomplish, will lead to your happiness? In Brave New World, there was goals made that lead to happiness, but they were artificial. These goals aren 't meant to give everyone what they want, these goals were meant to convince the citizens they had everything they ever wanted. The truth is that the Alphas truly decided everyone else’s fate, and the leaders know this. “ ‘We also predestine and condition. We decent our babies as socialized human beings, as Alphas or Epsilons, as future sewage workers of future…’ He was going to say ‘future world controllers’, but correcting himself, said ‘future World Directors of Hatcheries,’ instead” (Huxley 13). This shows that the rulers of this society know enough to change the way this society works, but they like it this way because they are at the top of the caste system. How some people think vs. how others think depends on their personality which reflects off of their surrounding because that is …show more content…
This book uses terms that can only be defined at the moment using your imagination and intelligence. Though, Brave New World has many inappropriate scenes and uses multiple names but used all of these scenes to send a message to people everywhere. This book used references such as “savage natives” which hurt many feeling such as the daughter of Sarah Sense- Wilson. But these names weren 't meant towards her directly. After all, the Save Reservation had many similarities to our world today, as did the New World. But these societies reflect off of our world today directly at Native Americans, it was at us all, you can even include the author.In the Savage Reservation, the main things that disgusted Lenina was the old man, the ladies breatfeeding, dogs, smell, and dust (Huxley 109- 111). But these are all things that are present in our world today and in the past. Brave New World is the type of book to have so many surprising events going on that could make you feel uncomfortable, the scenes in this book were quite gross but they were never explicit, Huxley did a good job covering any emotion to these scenes. These scenes were always very subtle. The most explicit it gets is when Lenina attempts to get at John but John refuses because he wants to get married (Huxley 189-

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