Climate Change In Greenland

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On a scale of 1-10, if I were to rate how terrified I am about climate change, I would pick 8. I think climate change is a serious topic that requires not only thinking, but also definitive action.There should be no doubt that climate change is occurring and we should not waste our God-given time and resources and instead we should use them now to prevent the future effects of climate change.What the world is doing is basically procrastinating by waiting to see when the effects of climate change become serious and then act on it, which will be too late then.

The effects of climate change on the physical global landscape can be quite big yet unnoticed to many human beings. In his TED Talk, James Balog lets us visualize the effects on the glaciers
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Due to this, a river was formed and the glaciated landform keeps getting deflated, with more ice sinking and retreating.

Greenland has a glacier named Ilulissat and from the TED Talk video, we can imagine it’s scale and size that it possesses. The fact that it is moving out from Greenland into the Atlantic Ocean is a serious issue. The truth is that many icebergs of greater size than this ‘building’ are entering the ocean as well. Thus, climate change especially through global warming, is causing havoc in glaciers and icebergs, thereby adversely affecting the global landscape. However, the melting of glaciers does not constitute the only evidence of climate change.

Swaziland is a country in Africa that was affected by late seasonal rains - a climate-change phenomenon . This does not bode well for animals who depend on the rains to fill their watering holes and it also causes problems for the people who are dependent on the rains for their
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Maryland is likely to face more humid summers combined with intense heat as well as warm winter days. Storms are also quite viable and can cause great damage across the state. Even in the field of agriculture, though at first, the production of crops in Maryland may increase yet it’s also quite likely that the the production will decline due to the change in weather patterns. Therefore, climate change is truly a serious phenomenon and definitely deserves our attention and efforts to make the future as well as the world a better place for everyone to live

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