Persuasive Essay About Addiction

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Looking down at our smart phones is not just causing us to bump into each other, it is causing us to become zombies. No we are not actually turning into a dead corpse, but we are losing social interaction which is basically the same thing. It’s ironic how these touch screen phones can actually make us lose touch. Addiction is defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. We live a very addictive lifestyle. Addiction is all around us: you can have the hard working father who is addicted to work to provide the best for his family and then you can have the teenage girl who is addicted to Instagram, and who allows the amount of likes she gets to determine her worth. Stop denying it: Whether your …show more content…
Our parents all wonder if we can have a conversation without abbreviations. Can we spell “I love you” out to our parents in a text instead of “Love u or ily2”. This lack of communication can cause a world of confusion and an argument that the use of these shortcuts may actually hinder a person’s ability to switch between “techspeak” and the normal rules of grammar (Williams). When we are kids we learn the meanings of words along with the definitions of what those words mean and appropriate times to use them. Kids now of days have built in programed dictionaries along with auto correct to do the work for us. We aren’t learning the same way we used to and that makes us more prone to making grammatical mistakes. A study was done of children ages 11-14 who sent 20 texts a week and it was found that the autocorrect technology makes children more impulsive and less accurate in their learning (Scheff) Some even say that texting during lectures and important conversations the use of technology can cause a decrease in your ability to pay attention and fully comprehend what is being taught or said (Multitasking is not a real thing). In “2 be or not 2b” it was found in conducted researched that there is increasing evidence that texting helps rather than hinders literacy. “2b or Not 2b” discusses the problems of how the world today thinks that “youngsters” use nothing but …show more content…
Technology is not causing a lack of communication within our society, how we use it is. We must be able to hold ourselves accountable for texting at appropriate times and not in the middle of a class lecture for nursing school, or the middle of a funeral, etc. We have to be able to know when it is a right and wrong time to engage in texting and that is something this generation lacks. When driving, we must have the common sense to put down our phones. When our body physically hurts from over texting, slouching, and lack of proper posture we must put down the phone and take a break. We have to remember that our relationships are real physical things and not parts of a text message or quotes to an Instagram picture. Technology along with texting and social media have so much potential in helping our society and up-coming generations that it is crucial that society learns how to be responsible with its power. Only then will we finally realize that texting is not all that bad as it is made out to

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