Analysis Of Peter K. Gerlach's Walk Two Moon

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Have you ever imagined living without your mother in your childhood? In the article “Perspective n Fear of Abandonment Cases, Effects and Options” by Peter K. Gerlach. He suggests that the abandonment can be psychological and there are many kinds of impacts on children. The book Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech is about a thirteen years old girl who suffers in the effect of abandonment. There are three kind of emotion the main character Sal has experience. First, Sal was pretty shock because her mother suddenly left her, and she cannot get used to it right away. Secondly, Sal feels guilty because she was being rude to her mother. Finally, Sal also experienced fear since she felt she had been drawn away from her mom. It is really
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Typically, when kids were left by their parents, they will experience in fear. It impacts children the most because they cannot find a caregiver to bond. For instance, when the Sal’s friend Ben touched her by hand, Sal automatically flinched. Nevertheless, Sal does not know it is a nature reaction. Instead, Sal thought she had changed and she felt that she had been drawing away from her mother. As time goes, Sal learned more about her the story behind her mother. She however starts to have a different type of fear, and it is the fear of the truth. When Sal and her grandparents getting close to Idaho, She mind keep telling her to slow down. Knowing her mother is already dead, yet Sal is still trying to deny it. The truth of her mother’s dead is extremely fearful that Sal rather not seeing it by herself. After all the mess she had goes through, Sal was finally able to stand in front of her mother’s grave. Because of the cycle of life and death, Sal knew by herself that her mother was not coming back. Nonetheless, Sal still heard the singing bird song, and she knows that she mother still lives deep inside her heart. Ultimately, Sal had gone through two kinds of fear. Even though it is awfully hard to recover from the fear of abandon, Sal was still able to brave up and learn the life and

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