Personality Traits Of Jamie Oliver

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Looking deeper into Jamie Oliver you may wonder who is he, what has he done and would I like the real person that is Jamie Oliver. Jamie Oliver is a restaurateur, author, media personality and of most important a world class chef, whom has built up and empire of foods and education. Simplicity has been the key to Jamie’s success both in his food and beliefs on how to change the world. Wanting to learn more about someone and the way they think you have to dive deep into personality past the Meyer’s bridges answers (for which Jamie is a ESFP) and into the different areas and structures that make up a person. To get to these ideas we should compare Jamie on the ITP metric and its “Big 5” personality traits.
A man on many dreams, passions
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I believe he is on the opposite side of the spectrum from most top chefs like Gordon Ramsay who uses anger and strong forces to teach and get things done, were Jamie is about passion and caring to drive his ideas. I believe Jamie would be a great person to work for as he would lay out his expectation clearly and bring new ideas to the table all the time. This creation of new and driving for success would be an environment I would has a multitude of successes in as well as be able to bring new techniques and passions to my work environment. The only downsides I could see working for Jamie would be is constant new ideas as that could cause your current work to pile up and up as he wants new things done before the last is tested …show more content…
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