Personality Traits And Traits That Can Be Applied With Different Perspectives

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When individuals are asked to describe their character, they do so in a manner that involves personality traits. They might say that they are a positive individual that likes to spend a great amount of their time around others. This would mean that the individual has the personality traits of extraversion and optimism. With personality psychology, research has been done on personality traits that can be found throughout the population. Research into these traits look at how the trait is defined, how it can be applied with different perspectives, its development, origin, specific dynamics, advantages and disadvantages of the trait, and how the individual and others perceive this trait. Researching traits can help build a better understanding of personality that gives a uniqueness to each individual. Looking at traits in this light, this researcher chose to examine a personality trait of intuition, to better understand their own personality and character.

Defining Intuitiveness Like any other term, it is important to establish a central definition for a trait or to see the controversy between different definitions for a trait. This holds no exception for the personality trait intuitive. However, constructing a solid definition that can easily be brought to mind for intuitive can pose a challenge. Intuition is seen as an elusive concept (Sun & Wilson, 2014). This could be the case with the intuitive trait as it can be perceived as a “sixth sense” (Salter, Evans, & Forney,…

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