Personality Disorder Research Paper

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Obstacles, Causes, and Solutions to Personality Disorders Personality disorders are diagnosed in persons who do not play by societies rules and the people who have these disorders tend to take advantage of others. Harvard Health publications (2013) informs us that a person with a personality disorder has “a longstanding pattern of behavior and experience that impairs functioning and causes distress”. The personality disorders are commonly referred to as Cluster B personality disorders. The common personality disorders are histrionic, borderline, antisocial, and narcissistic. Furthermore, these personality disorders have obstacles that make them resistant to treatment, factors that contribute to them being resistant to treatment, and we are …show more content…
The relationships they have with family, friends, and spouses have an instability with emotions and their own self-image. Their emotions are strong and intense when it comes to their relationships. Furthermore, they are aggressive in their actions and are predisposed to self-injury, possibly suicide attempts. The main characteristic of borderline personality disorder is the impulsivity of their actions. Barker, Romaniuk, Cardinal, Pope, Nicol, and Hall (2015) state that a person with borderline personality disorder has the main issue of their impulsivity and that they are substantially more likely to accept immediate award with lesser meaning than wait for a better reward compared to a person who does not have borderline personality disorder (p.1955). They will choose to take what they know for a fact they can have rather than take the chance at something they want. Another characteristic is that if they sense they are losing something in a close relationship their self-esteem will lower and they will have angry outbursts. This makes them difficult to get along with and causes complications in their …show more content…
They are beginning to make slow progress for treatment though. Cognitive therapy is one method that is showing some results. Harvard Medical School (2013) mentions that psychotherapy or behavior therapy might assist the treatment of personality disorder but not for the disorder itself. Psychotherapy will usually last at leats six months and possibly throughout a person’s lifespan. The main reason it usually is necessary to last throughout a person’s lifespan is because the client’s do not complete

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