Personal Values Of My Family, Muslim And Christianity

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Individual Presentation Unit
Personal Philosophy of Life

There are two religious beliefs in my family, Muslim and Christianity. It is understood by our family members that we express our differences of religious beliefs in a loving and respectful manner. In some ways, Muslim and Christian faith are very similar because they both are family oriented. In comparison, followers of both religions observe traditional festivals and holidays Muslims celebrate the nineth month of fasting called Ramadon Some Christians bring in the new year by observing the first of the month to fast. Christians celebrate the birth of Christ during the month of December, whereas some Muslims celebrate the birthday of the
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I have heard someone say that God is a gentlemen, he does not force himself upon anyone, he gives us free will. It is our choice to choose our own destiny.
Personal values and mission
Respecting my elders – I think that American culture have lost a connection with respect to elders. It is my belief that when we do not respect our elders God is no pleased. When we take care of older people, there is so much richness that is transferred. In the Japanese culture the elderly is highly respected. ( )
Being honest and trustworthy is valuable to me. According to Ferrell & Fraedrich (2015) Aristotle put it in words of virtue ethics (p. 164). I am in contact with young adult who confides in me. If that trust is broken, we all loose.
There are many aspects of roles that will overlap but for the most part, it’s the nurturing aspect of each role that connects to each individual that I encounter that brings happiness to my life. Each one of us wants to leave an honored impression with someone else, even a nice kind word or a hello will brighten someone’s day. The roles that I try to master are Mother, sister, friends, small business owner, teen and young adult counselor, Sunday shool teacher and baker. All of these roles make up who I am. Who I am is not always important, as Covey states, one
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I take my job as a servant (Missionary) to heart. I also incorporate my values into our music and songwriting. No one regardless of their religion, sex, or gender should be without food, shelter or clothing. It is our duty that not only we help feed, clothe and provide for others, we also make sure that we give our music away to individuals who cannot afford to pay.

Organization’s Ethical Program
Ethical program in our organization, we set up ethical agreements because it is only two members in the organization. We have instituted a future plan, if and when we do have employees that they will know what our organization stand for. Trustworthy

Moral Philosophy and Ethical Principles
I was taught at an early age to always share. My mother and grandmother instilled that into my siblings and I and I also teach it to my children. My life is drastically different than Thomas Aquinas, whos mother rejected his wishes to attend the monestary. What is even more remarkable is he experience of the vision he saw which change his life. ( All of his literature and schalarlary knowledge did not mean anything to him except his peace with God. Sometimes, I feel the same way

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