Rhetorical Analysis Of Life

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Analysis of “Life”
Society makes education essential to our daily lives because we now live in a world full of technology. I know most of my fellow classmates will agree that we cannot go a day without using some form of technology. Therefore, society plays a huge role in how people become literate or in other words, how people learn to read and write (“Bedford”). There may be many ways to become literate, but society exemplifies the main reason why I know how to read and write. As a result, I created a book with interactive text called “Life” that explores why society’s environment, customs, and technology contributed to my literacy.
For instance, because of our customs of going school, and daycare, I had exposure to reading and writing at an early age. As an adolescent, I can remember all times my mom and teachers at daycare would show me pictures and ask me to say what the picture stood for. That is why; on page three and four of “Life,” I created pages that have letters and numbers to represent times in my life. I can also still remember when I wrote my name for the first time, in third grade, because I rejoiced after I wrote my name. For this reason, on pages six and seven of “Life” I created pages using the rhetorical appeal called pathos to draw the attention of my readers by making a section they can write on so they can feel the emotion behind my
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I also created each page in a unique way to show how passionate I have become about my literacy. I also believe writers must interact with their audience to capture their attention so I made a book that stands out and needs attention. I hope my readers enjoy Life and gain a better insight of how I became

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