Essay on Personal Statement : Wearing Ancient Chinese Skirt

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Personal Statement
My Pride One
Audience clapping and cheering, I appeared on the stage, wearing ancient Chinese skirt. I was playing a mythological character, Change who was the queen of the sky. I was nervous, so I dare not to see audiences’ face. It was my first year of junior high school and an annual festival of technology and art. Besides the applause like a mess, I could only hear my heartbeat; I repeated what I had rehearsed and felt a little awkward. I still wondered why they applauded, maybe for my exotic makeups and skirt or for my cross-gender acting. Nowadays, I am still proud of my courage for my standing on the stage; it was an unforgettable moment in my life.
My Pride Two
I had never been so happy before.
“He is just a kid”, I say to myself. My brother is thirteen years younger than me and he was born when I was 13. We, even we are brothers, have a generation gap between us; after all, we were born in different centuries. When he grew up gradually, he was becoming naughty and often conducts in the way that my parents could not bear. My parents sometimes were unable to bear my brother’s misconduct so they criticize him loudly and impatiently. I told my mom to be patient because he was just a kid. I was always thinking that parents’ impatience would hurt my brother’s heart and even ruin his self-esteem. Therefore, I was sometime unpleased with parents because their impatience. However, I couldn’t repress my anger with my brother when I stayed with him alone and…

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