Personal Statement : Walden University Essay

1381 Words Aug 5th, 2015 null Page
Upon looking for a program that would be accessible with everyday responsibilities yet able to provide me with the adequate education for my field of choice Walden University was one of the top choices. After speaking with an advisor who was able to provide me with program information I soon realized that Walden’s programmed offered a lot more than other programs that were sought. Because I have such high hopes of obtaining my masters it was very important that I found a school that not only took pride and careful consideration into the curriculum outline, but also one that provided an array of options that could make it possible for me to adjust and succeed while carrying the load of personal obligation. Walden was able to offer this with an range of flexibility.
During my journey I have met many Social Workers, Case Managers, and had School Counselors that took a special interest in the shaping of my future. It started with a few classes during the beginning of my college years that I realized where my true passion lied and things that should be considered when choosing a career. Passion, commitment, desire to improve, and love are just a few things that should be considered and examined when making the choice of a life long career. It was later during that intro to Social Work course, which started as my minor, where I realized that the field of Social Work would be able to feed my passion and concern for a client while at the same time provide counseling, advising, as…

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