Essay on Personal Statement On True Happiness

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When you think of family, what is the first thing that pops in your head? For some it’s Happiness. True happiness that is, is something that is hard to come by for many people in this world; however, it is something that some have been blessed to have found in this life. How do you define happiness when you think of family? Happiness can be that every day you will wake up next to your best friend or feel the little fingers of a human that you have given life to cutely poking your shoulder to remind you that, although it is Saturday, you still have to wake up early! Family also gives comfort, when the world is weighing on your shoulders and you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, where do you find comfort? In addition, a family gives some a sense of safety. You know that feeling when you are wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cold winter 's day, sitting on the couch and you feel as if nothing could harm you? That is not only a feeling of comfort, but a feeling of safety. Your family and the essence of your household provide a safety net like none other. Lastly, a family can provide learning and growing for all members. Our families are a constant part of this knowledge seeking and growth. These are just a few things family can be defines as. In this essay I will introduce and describe the Christenson family and give details on how their family interacts (Lamanna &Riedmann, pg. 35), communicates and defines themselves as a family. I have chosen to use the…

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