Personal Statement On Personal Identity Essay example

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Kesha once said that you cannot really stereotype people or put them in boxes, it is unfair. According the Merriam Webster stereotyping is the unfairly believe that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. This action is done by many people in our society; however, it is unjust. Before I took this class, I was among the ones who used to put a category of individuals in a box. This class has shaped how I look at the world. It has changed my perspective on the way I look at myself and others around me. Now, I made the decision to learn about them and their history before I create an oversimplified standardized image of these individuals. I decided to change how I look at people and how I judge people before I get to know them. One important concept that I learned is this class was Personal Identity. According to my class notes, personal identity is tied to the self. Prior I took this class; my personal identity was formed by what other people told me about myself. For instance, I am a daughter, an aunt, a student. Moreover, the people in my surroundings told me that I was nice, caring, loving and etc., After I went over my class notes, I have realized that my personal identity is the things that come from within in me. Obviously, I am all those things people believe that I am, but I also found other qualities about me. As an illustration, I discovered that I am a leader. I found that there are things that I enjoy and what I like to do is not…

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