Personal Statement Of A Health Professional Essay

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A health professional is someone that specialises in a particular health profession. The career is carried out by undergoing a long period of training, in which you then qualify to be a registered health professional through formalized assessments and exams. A health professional is not only registered to be a health profession in the country she gained the qualifications from; but is recognized worldwide. In which she or he will then be given a license. A health professional needs to have all the correct quality’s needed to care for the person in need. A health professional will need to follow a behavior code of conduct. While carrying out their work. To make sure they are treating those they are caring for in a correct manner.

There has been a red alert at the charing cross hospital. Which has a major accident unit. The trauma unit has been dispatched to the scene. Within the trauma unit there are several professionals involved. Including: an a & e nurse, paramedics, a general surgeon and a junior doctor. Once the trauma unit arrives at the scene the health professional takes charge of the situation. Firstly, she observes the scene when she arrives she will assess which causalities to prioritize. There are many causalities injured but most are stable. She deals with the causalities that are in critical condition. By doing this she will need to carry out a series of checks to determine the correct diagnosis needed for those in a critical condition. By doing so she will…

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