Personal Statement : Filipino And English Essay

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People are made up of many factors and details that make them who they are, it could be their

friends, passions, hobbies, even where they came from, but for me my culture is what makes me who I

am. Being born in Hawaii and having parents from the Philippines I grew up with two cultures,

Hawaiian or “Local” culture and Filipino culture. Both cultures have equally influenced the person I

am today, but I 'll start with how Filipino culture makes me who I am.

As I grew up I 've noticed that my family had a very different way doing things. We talked in

two different languages, Filipino and English, the ideals that I was taught were different from the ideals

that my friends were taught, and how I was raised was different. My family always

communicated in Filipino and so it was important for me to be able to speak it so I would be able to

converse with them. I even have a fond memory of my uncle Erning getting angry at me and my cousin

for not speaking in Filipino and having a lot of Filipino elders stressing to me the importance of

knowing our parents languages, because of this I am fluent in two of the Philippines main dialects, I

have an easier time learning other languages, and I have a deeper understanding and better appreciation

of my culture because I am able to read and understand books or shows that are in Filipino.

Coming from a hard life in the Philippines, my parents would always tell me to work hard, don 't

be wasteful, and to take…

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