Essay about Personal Statement : Assessment And Service Plan

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CBT Reflective Paper
Assessment/Service Plan
Case Member: Sarah is a 41 year old, married, mother of two elementary aged boys. Professionally, she has been a successful pastor for 15 years, building an excellent reputation for herself. Last year, Sarah accepted a full time position as a Family Ministries Pastor at a large church that ministers to over 300 children weekly. After only a few months on staff, Sarah became increasingly stressed. Part of her job requirement is the ability to handle the fast pace of a large church, by performing all required pastoral duties while also implementing new events for families and children. Consistently working 60 or more hours a week, Sarah has no quality time with her family. Recently, Sarah has uncharacteristically started lashing out at her family when she is home, causing her a great sense of guilt. Concerned about her persistently distressing moods, Sarah has decided to go for counselling.
Client’s perception of problem, service needs:
Sarah expresses feelings of worry, guilt, and being overstressed. Due to an absence of affirmation from her boss, or her family, Sarah is certain that everyone is disappointed in her, creating a consuming urge to prove her competency. Sleep is disrupted due to exhaustive thoughts of work, and a sense of doom of being fired, due to her boss’ disappointment. Sarah would like to stop feeling debilitated by worry. Together, we agree to focus on strategies to decrease her stress…

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