Essay on Personal Report On Foreign Intelligence Service

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Coordinate with unit’s staff and determine the exact location of travel, dates, and mission. Another aspect will be lodging, was the NCO staying on military base will a limited freedom of movement around the country or did the NCO stay in a hotel and had freedom of movement as he/she felt it. Additionally, as part of the plan and preparation, I would go and research collections requirements for that particular country and pick and set up the interview location. Since interview is not a typical strategic debriefing session and the NCO was not pre-brief, it is uncertain if the NCO obtained any information that can answer requirements; however, the main goal of this interview is to determine if the NCO was collected on or exposed for foreign intelligence service (FIS). Before I set up the meeting, I would clear it with the NCO’s Command, call him and ask him where he would like to meet. My end goal is to meet in our office and during the conversation, although I will pose the question to him, I will give them reasonable arguments to why his location would not be feasible, until he chooses to come to my workplace. Also, this first conversation is where I would start building rapport and get to know the NCO as well. By the end of the conversation, we will have a determined time and location.
The duty uniform for the resident office is civilian attire, but for the scheduled interview with the NCO, I would select to wear a uniform to help develop the relationship and…

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