Essay On Mass Hysteria

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The history of mankind has brought about many instances where there have been episodes of mass hysteria. Although history is taught so that we may learn from past mistakes, there is still a tendency for it to repeat itself. Epidemics of false accusations and innocent executions seem all too familiar in the study of humankind.
In the late 1600s, several small Massachusetts towns had executed many of their citizens under the false pretense that they had been practicing witchcraft. There was a significant amount of hysteria caused by these accusations considering the theocracy they were a part of, along with their Puritan beliefs. The prosecution required scant evidence to convict. Spectral evidence (a form of evidence based upon dreams and visions
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Abigail Williams and Betty Parris(niece and daughter of the town’s minister) were the first among the girls to experience the symptoms that encouraged the doctor to pronounce them witched. They experienced strange phenomenons of violent contortions and aggressive screaming fits. Soon after their diagnosis, several other Salem girls had supposedly experienced the same symptoms, adding to the paranoia in the town. After several more accusations, the blame had fallen on the Parris’ Caribbean servant, Tituba for encouraging the girls to sell their souls to the Devil. Tituba was persistent in claiming her innocence, but eventually confessed herself and gave the names of several others. The allegations continued to spread throughout the town until they had actually executed nineteen people from the speculation that started with the …show more content…
and the Soviet Union with a global nuclear holocaust at stake. The U.S. and Cuba had been far from allies leading up to the crisis. Even before Kennedy took office, Eisenhower had attempted to assassinate Cuba’s leader, Fidel Castro, by training Cuban exiles for an invasion of their own country. Kennedy inherited the conflict which soon led to the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, attempting to overthrow Castro’s regime. Castro was now turning to the Soviets for protection against the aggression coming from America at the

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