Personal Relationship: The Importance Of Interpersonal Relationships

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Interpersonal Relationships

The first relationship that I would like to mention is the relationship between me and my boyfriend for six years.
Our romantic relationship helps me fit my needs. Whenever I think of leaving him, after a bad fight I get worried about my needs for inclusion, affection, and control and feel that he fulfills all these needs the best. He helps me meet the need for inclusion by involving me with his friends and his personal life. My friend circle has widened because of going out with him and getting introduced to his acquaintances. Furthermore, he tells me everything that happens in his daily life, ranging from good to bad, including the secrets and seeks my opinion that makes me feel valued and involved in his life.
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When she came to visit me for a week from Texas last month, I felt like I did not need anyone else. When she and I are together, we do not need other people. Furthermore, she shares all of her secrets and feelings with me which also makes me feel included since she considers me important enough to “self-disclose” everything to me. She fulfills my need for affection in the way that she is always there for me when I have any kind of emotional breakdown or am upset for other reasons. She is there for me during the times I need her the most. We express affection also by sharing clothes and other things. Even though she does not live close to me anymore, we make time and talk to each other every other day. The most affectionate thing that she does for me is that she makes time for me every other day despite her busy schedule. She also fulfills my need for control since I have a say in many of the things she does in life, ranging from choosing clothes for an evening party to more complex things like dating and breaking up with her romantic partners. I believe that our relationship is symmetrical because we mirror each other in personality. She and I have the same choice of food, clothing, and almost everything in life. Very rarely do our opinions contradict which is why fights between us are not frequent and have managed to be friends for 15 years …show more content…
He also shares all of his secrets and trusts me to the extent that I will help him work towards them and overcome difficult situations without telling my parents or bringing in more trouble for him. This makes me feel included because I know that I am an important part of his life. My brother and I are affectionate for each other, not just because we are related by blood, but also because of the closeness we have had since childhood. His affection for me is extraordinary. Whenever my parents decide something for me that I do not like or feel is not good for me, my brother stands up for me. When my parents wanted to send me back home for my higher education because I was classified as out of state here, my brother stood up for me and asked my parents to stop his education and send him back as well. He was willing to sacrifice his education here for me. I feel my need of control being fulfilled by my brother because I am elder to him, and he feels the need to obey me at times because he knows that I always want the best for him. He listens to me when I ask him to get me things or ask him to help me in a task. Furthermore, he values my opinions and seeks my advice most of the times and that makes me feel that I can get need of control

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