Reflection On The Keirsey Temperament Sorter

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While completing the Keirsey Temperament Sorter – II (Keirsey, n. d.), I was skeptical. I tend to be less trusting of evaluations completed without personal interaction. I answered the questions honestly, and was surprised by the results. The evaluation was generally accurate, and described my personality well. However, I disagreed with two specific areas.
The statement, “guardians can have a lot of fun with their friends” (Keirsey, para. 2) may be true for other guardians, but I limit the number of friends that I keep, and the time that I spend with them. Being a night shift worker my entire career, my life style is nocturnal. Most people are asleep while I am awake.
The statement, “[t]hey are cautious about change, even though they know
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I enjoy interaction with other people, and those people understand that I am committed to my career. So, I do not commit to activities that are not work or school related. Between school and work, my free time is limited. I am thankful the ones close to me understand my thought process, and are willing to provide the space that I need to evolve personally and professionally.
My favorite activity is fishing. When I am not absorbed in reading or planning, I enjoy the calmness that a pole in the water offers. I prefer saltwater fishing over freshwater, but anytime my pole is in the water it is a productive event. Because of my emergency room experience, I share my reasons for the love of fishing frequently. More often than not, I see despair, heartbreak, and tragedy. The bad scenarios outweigh the good scenarios in an emergency nursing setting. I understand the circle of life, and realize that death is part of life. When I am fishing, I see all the beauty that surrounds each and every one of us, the trees, plants, water and calmness that nature provides. I feel that being close with nature balances the devastation that is sometime seen in my work area. Through fishing I create a stable
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Both claim to provide holistic care; according to my research, both facilities excel at holistic care. Perhaps my future travels will allow me the opportunity to personally visit both hospitals.
Professional Presence Promotion The extensive research of both facilities proved enlightening. I have gained much information about how the environment impacts patients, not only the physical environment, but also the atmosphere that is held within the environment. I plan to expand my professional presence more each day, and to continually remain mindful of my how I impact others.
This experience has promoted growth, insight, and knowledge. I am more aware of my professional presence, and how to increase my presence in a manner that benefits myself and

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