Personal Code Of Ethics: Exemplary Service To The Community

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Personal Code of Ethics My personal code ethics is comprised of my mission, vision, and values. My mission is to provide exemplary service to the community throughout my personal and professional life. I often prioritize public safety as the role of being a public servant. Through the mentality of serving the public, my vision is to promote justice and equality for all. My mission and vision statement will be guided through my values of perseverance, fairness, respect, honesty, integrity, and trust. I strive to abide by these guidelines throughout my personal and professional life. However, justice professionals are often faced with situations where my personal beliefs may contradict the organization, or vice versa. To ensure I can go home …show more content…
I am committed to not letting my friendships influence my decisions, whether it is right or wrong. Furthermore, just because they are your friends, does not give them an excuse, or a free pass for their actions. As a law enforcement officer, it is important to uphold those standards to everyone. This can also be said when friends ask for a favour. I will not do any favours for my friends that will be an abuse of my powers.
6. I am committed to not letting my personal beliefs influence my professional decisions. For my personal beliefs, I am committed to not let my personal beliefs drive my professional decisions. It is easy to jump to a conclusion based on personal beliefs, and not hear another person’s perspective. However, it is important to remain open-minded as law enforcement officers are problem-solvers. Being open-minded can aid in finding other solutions to the problem, but if my personal opinions influence my professional work, I cannot solve issues to the best of my ability. I do not have to agree with their opinion, but be willing to accept and understand them.
7. I am committed to staying physically
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Hard-work is important in law enforcement, as the nature of the job is not easy. If I do not give it 100% effort, it could affect my co-workers and the community I am serving. Moreover, if I did not put in the effort, I will feel guilty that I did not try my best, when I could have.
13. I am committed to leading by example. I am committed to leading by example, as I will never tell someone to do something I would not do myself. In law enforcement, situations maybe presented where I might have to tell someone to do something, or follow an order. But how could I get that person to do it, if I myself was not going to do it. It is important that I lead with my actions, as well as, what I say, instead of just telling people what to do. This can aid in building teamwork and cooperation throughout my team, and with the public.
14. I am committed to furthering my education I am committed to always learning and growing my education. Being in law enforcement, there are always new opportunities for growth, whether it be a job opportunity or a new course. Additionally, I will learn from my past mistakes to better myself. As I am committed to learning I can obtain new skills and understandings, which can help me in the

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