Personal Note On Double Trouble Essay

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Double Trouble
12th July 2004; why did the day have to arrive so soon. As the average four year old I was particularly excited when my mum approached me with the news that I was going to become a big sister. I thought it would be a new experience to have a little mini me going around the house as I was hoping that I was going to have a sister, turns out that not all wishes are granted and instead of being blessed with a little sister, I was blessed with two little devils who have turned out to be the biggest challenge in my life.
Being the typical older sibling I have always been challenged by having little brothers. Although with them being twins, people don 't realise how lucky they are just to have one sibling. I so wish it was me. From the very first sleepless night - which I wasn 't very pleased about - I knew I was in for a real struggle while growing up. Although my brothers were not due until the 13th September, unfortunately they decided to make their star appearance two months earlier which I wish they could have waited as maybe the struggle wouldn’t have been as bad. However, with not being able to understand at the time the concerns that were arising with my brothers being born early, I took this as my last chance of having the centre of attention as I knew when they were released from hospital, the attention would soon disappear as handling twins requires a lot more effort than I thought.
Soon after they began to grow up, their inner trouble was released. The…

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