Essay on Personal Note On Communication Style

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I. Communication Style.
When I communicate with people even my friends, I like to be very clear to avoid miscommunication. I am a very respectful and polite person. My face always carries a smile when I am talking to people. When I speak to someone, I am always saying greeting and saying “please” and “Thank you” if a part of our conservation involves that. I am very observant and mostly quiet person when I am among people that I am just acquainting, I let them have the floor, listening to them so I can see how I can approach them be part of the conversation and maybe bond with that person.
Sometimes my nonverbal communication affect people and make them feel like I am avoiding them or don’t want to talk to them. Because when they are talking and I am just sitting there and not saying anything, those people feel like I don’t want to be part of the “clang”. And when they approach me and ask, “Why don’t you say anything” my response is always the same “I do not know what you guys are taking about”.
I am also a very outgoing person when I start a conversation with someone I am going to keep talking to them respectfully of course every time that I am going to see that person. I remember when I first came to the United State, at school I was very observing how people were interacting. I observed them for quite a couple of times; they felt like I did not want to talk and that I was scared which they were right not only because I did not want to talk or shy but also because I…

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