Personal Narrative: The Story Of Hurricane Katrina

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I was only five years old when it all happened, but the memories are still very alive. Hurricane Katrina struck my beloved city of New Orleans,Louisiana in August of 2005. Many people were left homeless, stranded and in need to help.As I gazed out the window of our little house, the only thing that was visible was the massive rain that was showering down all over the ward. The gusty wind roared like an angry beast. All the trees were toppled over, almost as if they were to shoot out of the ground. In the distance, the bayous overflowing the banks and making its way up to the streets that were nearby. The levee walls looked as if they could bust open at any give time. I knew if I were to open up the front door, I would have been taken by the wind or swallowed by the amount of water that was coming down in every possible direction. As I got up from the window, I noticed everyone seemed to be panicking. My grandparents and other relatives were quickly gathering food, water, clothing, and other items, placing the items into bags and …show more content…
It was small, and had a faint smell of roadkill in every part of the room. It was me, my grandparents and aunts and uncles in one room and everyone else had their shared rooms. I remember taking a shower, jumping into one of my grandfathers oversized shirts, and then i was out like a light. I woke up to a strange woman sticking me with various amounts of needles. Next to me was my cousin, Kayla, who was asleep, but she had a weird looking tube around her nose and mouth. I was frightened at the sight of the needles, the woman and the fact that when i started to freak out, other people dresses in all white, came to my side and started holding me down. After the painful injections, the woman, who i learned later was a nurse, pushed my bed into a room, where both my grandparents laid. Their faces lightened up when they saw me,and i felt a little bit of comfort when i saw

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