Superdome Essay

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A Ghastly Home under the Superdome New Orleans, a lively city on the coast of Louisiana, was devastated by a level five hurricane on August 29 of 2005. Its name was Hurricane Katrina, and it wreaked havoc across the New Orleans area. Thousands of lives were lost, and thousands more lives were devastated and crumbled. Although many protective shelters were put into effect, they did not properly prepare for the storm. An example of this would be the Superdome, which was used in major natural weather situations to protect civilians. The government did not properly prepare for the storm, and in result did not provide the proper protection for the people of New Orleans. During Hurricane Katrina, unpreparedness in the Superdome led to chaos days …show more content…
Anyone would think they would be able to suppress a violent situation or handle a problem, but there was more than what the eye could see. Many of the guards were not at all prepared for the devastating effects of the hurricane in relation to the Superdome. The government had failed to properly supply them and prepare them for an event like Katrina. In result to this, bestial events were happening all throughout the Superdome that these guards failed to stop. In an article, “Trapped in the Superdome: Refuge Becomes a Hellhole”, the author Gold claims, “At least two people, including a child, have been raped as the arena darkened at night.” Other horrific events such as stealing, shooting, brawls, and unnecessary attacks had also taken place. The guards are not the only ones to be blamed for all of the altercations that occurred. The overall lack of responsibility would be put on the government, for they did not prepare the patrollers well enough. The patrollers were there to defend New Orleanians from any harm, and on many accounts they failed to do so. Many people were harmed in physical and emotional ways, all of which the government caused since they did not protect their people through the patrolmen. The government needs to make sure their own departments can represent them and protect this country 's

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