Personal Narrative : Recording ' American History Essay

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Breana Wentz
‘Recording’ American History
Although he received praise for never having failed a student, many of my fellow classmates sought after my American history teacher, Coach Yates, for all the wrong reasons. His teaching methods accomplished the goal of preparing his students to pass state required tests; however, these same methods failed to provide the applicable information needed to create a foundation for furthering our education. The course detached itself from reality, which meant that the knowledge retained by his pupils became useless (Freire). Despite the fact that ninth grade American History proved the easiest course I have taken thus far, I acquired little knowledge because the instructor taught the course through memorization and forced unchanging daily routine rather than through class discussion.
Everything that Coach Yates taught, I memorized. I could write it down verbatim, present the information orally, and pass the exams. I never fell short of making an A, if not a perfect score of 100. Tested on my memory and not on my understanding, sadly left me with little knowledge about American history. My instructor’s style of teaching seemed to aim itself at passing the students, not at uncovering conceptual ideas. I felt confident in his class, and even considered myself a successful student. However, when the reasoning behind the material came into question, I went blank and felt like an utter failure. I could not conceive "why" any event had…

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