Personal Narrative: My Experience As A High School Student

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Although I’ve experienced so many transitions since late August, the most surprising of them has definitely been my propensity to establish friendships. I was surprised by this due to the fact that, as a high school student, I was always left out of activities because I was different from others since I worked extremely hard on my studies. I pursued my education in a small, public high school nestled in the suburbs, and education wasn’t a top priority among most of my peers. As an inevitable result, no one understood me, and I felt excluded from the rest of my class. When I came here, I expected my social life to be similar to that of my high school experience. I anticipated everyone to view me as a nerd, and to judge me for it. Instead, I found people in my residence hall who care just as much about learning as I do! I believe this is due to the fact that we are all paying for school, and specializing in disciplines that we enjoy, so the necessity to …show more content…
I still feel like a high school student because my work ethic and study methods have remained the same. I study long before a quiz, I work on homework assignments days in advance, and I continue to put in extra time to get help on a topic that alludes me. I even still keep in contact with my former high school teachers. I do, however, see myself as a college student because I’ve matured when it comes to arriving to class on time, which I never did as a high school student. (Once, I came in twenty minutes late to a class because I intellectually debated with my history teacher about time zones!) I also adjusted very quickly to having only a few classes a day, and continually checking my schedule to make sure that I didn’t miss them became second nature. Due to the fact that I’ve always been mature when it comes to my studies, but I’ve since learned to come to class on time, I feel like a hybrid between both levels of

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