Personal Narrative : My Curiosity Experience Essay

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Leadership takes many forms. In the case of Dawoud, leadership emerges from his curiosity. The way that this dynamic works is that Dawoud’s internal sense of curiosity creates opportunities for him to engage with his students, to probe their minds and to draw important questions and insights from them. Thus, their own curiosity is awakened and the process of discovery, learning and development continues. Dawoud’s story resonated with me. I felt that there was considerable inspiration to be drawn both from his methods and from his perspective. In the following sections; a brief summary of my curiosity experience, the story of Dawoud in detail, and a reflection from my own professional and personal development.
Brief Summary
When I consider the role of curiosity in my life, I am reminded of the time I spent teaching and working with children and the awe I felt at their boundless curiosity. I used to be teacher of younger children. That job provided me with some of the experiences I most value, but it also presented me with some of the greatest challenges I never faced in my professional life. One year, in particular, I had a somewhat problematic child in my class. He was a lovely child, filled with energy and exuberance, but he had a very hard time focusing, and his lack of focus often distracted the other children. This took many forms, some benign and some more unpleasant. He would sometimes play with other children or simply talk to them, other times, he would…

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